Generic Harvoni (90/400 mg)
Generic Harvoni
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Active Ingredient: Ledipasvir + Sofosbuvir

Harvoni is a combination of ledipasvir and sofosbuvir. It is approved for people with genotype 1 hepatitis C virus.

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Dr. S. Haider Naqvi (updated on: 01/06/2020)

Hepatitis C is a disease that is very often observed in young people recently. No one is immune from this infection, and the hepatitis C vaccine has not yet been developed. But medicine does not stand still, the latest drugs provide excellent protection against the signs of hepatitis C. Generic Harvoni is a novelty in the world of medicine and one of the most reliable medicines.

The drug is often used abroad. It is widely used in well-known hospitals in Israel, the United States, and Europe. You will not be able to detect it in pharmacies in the CIS. There, you can buy Harvoni only in certain hospitals that have a manufacturer's certificate. It is usually delivered from India.

The cost of Harvoni® is not affordable for everyone. In Germany, the course of therapy will cost you about 20 thousand euros, in America-about 25 thousand dollars, in Israel, the course of therapy is 12 weeks, and the cost of the drug is 90 thousand dollars.

The drug has its analogs, the manufacturer of which is most often indicated by Bangladesh. Such medicines as "Lezovir-C" and "Twinvir" have a similar composition to "Generic Harvoni", but are cheaper. To order Harvoni without a prescription, you do not need to go abroad, you can apply online.

Structure of the drug

Generic Harvoni is good because the patient does not need to prescribe either ribavirin or interferon. It is considered the 3rd drug, its clinical effect was proved at the meeting on retroviruses in 2013.

Generic Harvoni USA

The manufacturer is a firm from America Gilead Sciences. They are produced in orange tablets that resemble a rhombus, with a special coating, the structure of which is talc, macrogol, titanium dioxide. The active substance is ledipasvir and sofosbuvir. Their combinations have the maximum antiviral effect.

Effectiveness of therapy

During penetration into the human body, there is a blocking of enzymes, which are responsible for the formation of hepatitis C. Such treatment is repeatedly tested by the experimental method.

The experiment involved more than 1,300 people infected with the virus. All participants in the experiment were divided into two categories. The first-performed repeated therapy, the second-just started therapy. The study lasted 12 weeks.

Both groups were assigned Generic Harvoni, but people with repeated treatment were added ribavirin, and novices were not. With this experiment, the specialists wanted to show the reality of "Harvoni" and the clinical result.

The result of this research:

  • 8 weeks of therapy led 95 % of patients in the group of novices to a final cure.
  • After 12 weeks, the number of recovered patients increased to 97%.
  • 99 % of patients were finally cured at 12 weeks.

This suggests that a long time of development of this drug was not wasted, the effectiveness of the drug with the absence of ribavirin was confirmed. Several people experienced side effects such as nausea and headache. In General, the responses about the drug are positive.

Indications for use of the drug

Assign as people suffering from cirrhosis, and with its absence. Only 10-15% of patients can finally be cured on their own, other patients are carriers of the virus. In most cases, people are prescribed interferon, but it has limitations and side effects. The drug can be prescribed to people who have long been ill with hepatitis C, or only to those who have become ill. It can be used for allergies to ribavirin and interferon.

It can be used for people over 18 years of age and whose weight is more than 18 kg. Combining viral RNA of more than 10,000 IU in the patient's plasma.


When you take tests for the presence of hepatitis C RNA, a specialist should ask you a couple of questions about the existence of allergies to certain substances.

The use of the drug is prohibited:

  • Carrying a child and breastfeeding;
  • Underage age;
  • Use of other medications that contain sofosbuvir. An overabundance of this substance in the human body can turn into poisoning;
  • Use of drugs that contain tenofovir;
  • Use of medicines, which include tipranavir and carbamazepine.

Before treatment, it is necessary to investigate the existence of kidney and liver inferiority. If it is available, therapy with Generic Harvoni is possible under strict medical supervision.

When infected, it is strongly advised to protect yourself, because pregnancy is undesirable during therapy. When breastfeeding, the medicine with milk will penetrate the baby's body, so it is also worth refraining from feeding. In some cases, specialists prescribe Harvoni to children under 18 years of age, but the activity of the drug on such a young body has not been studied.

The medicine is prescribed by a doctor, upon completion of the research.


Guidelines for the use of the drug were created by the European Association for liver research (EASL). You should take one tablet every day with a meal. It is not worth chewing or sucking. To achieve the maximum effect of the drug on the body, it is better to take the medicine at the same time.


Recommendations of specialists on the use of the drug: During treatment, you can skip taking the drug only once. If you forgot to take your medicine in time, take it later. The use of a double dose is strictly prohibited.

You should take the medication even if you feel ill. In the case of hepatitis C disease of the first genotype, the course of taking the drug is 12 weeks. If cirrhosis is detected, treatment should be extended to 24 weeks. If you took another medication before taking this medication and it did not help you, the therapy will also take 24 weeks.

Before using the drug, consult a specialist about taking it.

After the end of the course of therapy, you should undergo a precise study. If there is no improvement, there is no point in repeating the therapy.

If there is an additional virus, the course of taking the drug should be discussed with a virologist.

For the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth genotypes, the course of therapy is also 12 weeks, but with the addition of ribavirin, sofosbuvir, and Ledipasvir. If the doctor did not prescribe additional ribavirin, the course is 24 weeks. In such situations, ribavirin helps to reduce the duration of treatment.

Side effect

They don't occur often. This can be headaches, fatigue, and rarely allergies.

When using the drug for the first time, be extremely observant of the body. If you notice shortness of breath, swelling, or severe itching, contact a specialist. In such situations, the drug is finished. A doctor, a virologist assigned to the other therapy.

When using Generic Harvoni with the addition of ribavirin, side effects are more common.

During therapy, the drug does not impair your attentiveness, you are allowed to drive a car. However, high fatigue is not excluded, which will affect the efficiency of consciousness.

Older people do not need special treatment courses. Prescribe the usual dosage.